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Harness data insights to power ahead in a world of change

  • Understand what really makes your organisation tick
  • Optimise your business like never before
  • Use your data to underpin innovation in the face of change

of all goods are transported by ship
cargo vessels are on the water at any one time
of the distance to the moon and back is travelled by a container ship in a single year
of GDP is accounted for by shipping in the UK

Optimise your business and innovate for competitive edge

The maritime industry faces constant change – from port delays and weather disruption to wider issues such as population growth and environmental regulations. Day-to-day survival is not enough – to succeed you need to optimise your operations and innovate to stay ahead of the game. Use the vast data resources at your fingertips to transform the way you work.

Track vessels
Track and view vessels and cargo to uncover suspicious activities
Storage insights
Predict maritime and port capacity at the speed-of-thought
A library of data
Compare historical and current data to find anomalies, correlations or patterns
Increased accuracy
Estimate vessel maintenance requirements or workflows more accurately
Combine data
Uncover new insights by layering multiple datasets
Increase data insights
Harness our data science expertise to power ahead

Unlock the hidden value of your data to transform your business

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