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Drive your acceleration to a truly smart city

  • Harness data on an unprecedented scale to inform your decisions
  • Save time and money with fast analysis and revealing visualisations
  • Uncover new ways to keep your city streets ahead

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of the world's population is expected to be living in cities by 2040
new IoT devices connect to the internet every second
hours a year lost by UK road users in congestion
lives could be saved each year in a smart city of 5m people

A smart approach to using data to transform your city

Our connected world is generating data like never before. But it can be difficult to get a clear picture of what your data is trying to tell you – why congestion is only affecting certain streets, for example, or how street lighting affects the type of crime in an area. Rapid analysis of multiple complex data sets can unveil unique insights for a truly smart city.

Improved predictions
Easily spot trends and correlations – and build better prediction models
Increased data
Future-proof your city with the ability to understand extreme amounts of data
Increased accuracy
Analyse data down to street level for more accurate intelligence
Increase data insights
Combine disparate data sets to discover hidden correlations and insights
Cost saving
Enjoy scale and speed without expensive GPUs
High speed
Reach insights faster through speed-of-thought interaction with your data

Harness your data to drive your smart city ambitions

Spatial Big Data