The analytics database for the physical world

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  • Incredible speed of analytics
  • Power the applications of the future
Internet of Things (IoT) live endpoints by 2024
exabytes of global mobile data traffic by 2022
of connected devices will be cellular by 2022
connected devices market value by 2022

Transform data events generated in the physical world for smarter real-world decision making

Driven by rapid IoT device deployments and the rise of connected-everything, extreme-scale data and the demand for contextual intelligence is now the new reality. New commercial opportunities exist for those able to produce the analytics to power next-generation applications and insights. However, traditional databases struggle to fuse, organise, and query large-scale data – limiting the value that can be extracted from data. GeoSpock DB is the unique database designed for the complexity and data demands of the modern world. Providing unmatched performance and game-changing cost economics, GeoSpock DB enables you to innovate, repurpose, and create new value from any scale of data.

Our industry solutions

Understand how GeoSpock DB can transform your business through the power of contextual analytics

Smart cities

Rapid analysis of multiple complex physical world data sets can unveil unique insights to enable smart cities. With our connected world generating data like never before, GeoSpock DB makes it easy to get a clear picture of what your data is trying to tell you.

Use data-driven insights to find the root cause of traffic congestion, improve air quality, or plan infrastructure projects that have the biggest impact on citizen satisfaction.

Carrier Service Providers

As connected devices generate unprecedented volumes of data the opportunity is emerging for CSPs to generate new revenue streams by supplying data-driven applications and services to enterprise and public sector customers.

Use GeoSpock DB to enable new business opportunities and overcome the analytics challenges covering everything from supply chain efficiency to remote asset management. Deliver solutions more efficiently than ever.

Supply Chain & Logistics

The logistics industry faces constant change – from supply delays and weather disruption to wider issues such as growing demand and new environmental regulations. Day-to-day survival is not enough – to succeed you need to optimise your operations and innovate to stay ahead of the game.

Use the vast data resource at your fingertips to transform the way you work and efficiently scale your operations.


Transform the mountain of data generated by programmatic advertising and real-world consumer behaviour into a goldmine of opportunities that will accelerate your business growth.

Turbo-charge your audience segmentation and targeting, harness unique behavioural insights, utilise high-fidelity campaign measurement, improve machine learning effectiveness, and more.

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