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Understand how GeoSpock DB can transform your business through the power of location and contextual analytics

Smart cities

Rapid analysis of multiple complex data sets can unveil unique insights for a truly smart city. With our connected world generating data like never before, it can be difficult to get a clear picture of what your data is trying to tell you.

Discover why congestion is only affecting certain streets, for example, or how street lighting affects the type of crime in an area.

Carrier Service Providers

As connected devices generate unprecedented volumes of data, there are new business opportunities and challenges covering everything from supply chain efficiency to remote asset management.

Make sense of the enormous amount of information to deliver new services and solutions more efficiently than ever.

Transport & Logistics

The maritime industry faces constant change – from port delays and weather disruption to wider issues such as population growth and environmental regulations. Day-to-day survival is not enough – to succeed you need to optimise your operations and innovate to stay ahead of the game.

Use the vast data resource at your fingertips to transform the way you work.


Transform the mountain of data generated by programmatic advertising into a goldmine of opportunities that will accelerate your business growth.

Turbo-charge your audience segmentation and targeting, behavioural analytics, campaign measurement, machine learning effectiveness and more.