GeoSpock DB Enterprise

The world’s most advanced analytics database – from the comfort of your own cloud

What is GeoSpock DB Enterprise?

GeoSpock DB Enterprise is a powerful, next-generation database built for high-performance analytics across any scale of data. Our proprietary indexing and querying technology enables you to carry out dynamic data fusion and query complex data in seconds using standard ANSI SQL, seamlessly fitting into your existing analytics workflows and tools. GeoSpock DB Enterprise simplifies real-world complexity and enables contextual understanding for the everything-connected world – a natural upgrade to your existing data analytics technology.

Why use GeoSpock DB Enterprise?

High performance gives you insights quicker than competing solutions
Cost efficiency
Unique technology lowers total cost of ownership
Cost predictability
Pricing ensures deterministic cost for budgeting purposes
Any data scale
From gigabytes to exabytes
A system that grows with your organisation’s data demands
Data fusion
Break down existing data silos
Contextual intelligence
Real world insights by simplifying the complex
Power many use cases from a single data platform

Key features

  • Fast query response, speed at any scale
  • Powerful programmatic access with industry-standard ANSI SQL and admin CLI
  • Real-world insights with spatial-temporal analytics technology
  • Optimised Open Geospatial Consortium SQL functions
  • Automatic indexing and query optimisations
  • Support for integrations with industry-standard and custom analytics tools
  • Security framework providing user authentication support using existing identity providers

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How does it work in your environment?

GeoSpock DB Enterprise runs entirely in your own cloud environment, keeping your data secure and you in control. By decoupling storage from compute, GeoSpock makes the most of the modern cloud, delivering the high performance you need, for the cost you expect. Our demand-driven, scale-out query capability is based on a dynamic, shared-nothing architecture, combined with proprietary indexing technology. This enables GeoSpock DB Enterprise to outperform even the most expensive in-memory alternatives using simple, low-cost hardware – whatever the scale of your data.

Supported cloud platform

Other cloud providers coming soon

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