GeoSpock DB Discovery

Get free access to the world’s most advanced analytics database along with a large library of open datasets

What is GeoSpock DB Discovery?

GeoSpock DB Discovery is a free-to-use version of GeoSpock’s proprietary query engine that enables you to carry out dynamic data fusion and query complex data in seconds. Use standard ANSI SQL and industry-standard tools against a library of open source data (including smart city and connected vehicle data) to test GeoSpock DB with scenarios relevant for your business. Discover new insights and explore new techniques for powering next-generation applications and enabling your data-driven future with the world’s most advanced analytics database.

Why use GeoSpock DB Discovery?

High performance gives you insights quicker than competing solutions
Access to open datasets
Explore comprehensive, open source data without having to worry about ETL, ingest, or storage
Simple setup
Analytics on demand, without having to manage complex infrastructure
Experiment and innovate
Explore new uses cases within an agile innovation environment
Real-world data
Answer real-world questions and work on solving real-world problems
Bring your own cloud, only pay for the compute resources used

Key features

  • Fast query response, speed at any scale
  • Access to open-source datasets pre-ingested and managed by GeoSpock
  • Powerful programmatic access with industry-standard ANSI SQL
  • Real-world insights with spatial-temporal analytics technology
  • Optimised Open Geospatial Consortium SQL functions
  • Support for integrations with industry-standard and custom analytics tools

How does it work in your environment?

GeoSpock DB Discovery is a query engine that runs in your own cloud environment. Once set up, it will enable you to access a vast library of open source data that is curated, maintained, and stored by GeoSpock.

Discovery enables you to analyse petabytes of data with a hyper-performant query engine without the associated costs typically required for setup and preparation of data of this scale. It provides the perfect sandbox environment to build next-generation applications powered by the world’s most advanced analytics database.

Supported cloud platform

Other cloud providers coming soon

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