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Providing unmatched performance

GeoSpock DB is simply faster at indexing and querying than competing products.

Our solution

GeoSpock DB makes it possible to speed up both your processes and querying. Whereas traditional databases use the “one use case - one data model” approach, and must redesign the data architecture every time the model is updated, we don’t. GeoSpock gives you the ability to directly query the stored data whatever your use case is. And, when you do, it’ll be lightning fast!

Speed up ingestion
But not costs, thanks to linear scalability
Faster query time
Benchmarks indicate significantly faster geospatial querying
Easy access
Use ANSI SQL for easy programmatic data retrieval
Automatic indexing and query optimisation during ingest

Enabling our customers to do more with their data

Build new services and analyse how to improve connection for delivery drivers, medical devices and telematics.

Optimise city environments and make cities safer, more efficient and cleaner.

Move things efficiently and track assets and determine their carbon footprint.

Discover new audiences and process high volumes of Points of Interests (PoI) and Devices of Interest (DoI) events to discover new trends and behaviours.

Find out how to uncover secrets hidden deep within your data