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Manage your data more effectively

A scalable platform for your data requirements

Our solution

Our platform is deployed on AWS, providing you with a low-cost cloud solution that easily scales to meet your data analysis needs. The dashboard gives you control over who can access your data, both internally and externally. Quickly and easily control the ingestion of your source data to enable your platform users to explore and analyse the information like never before.

Data ETL
Enjoy fast, efficient clean-up and preprocessing
Regular updates
Get daily incremental updates of your core dataset
Manage user access
Control user permissions
Control data ingest
Own your ingest parameters

Preview data before ingesting – for optimised performance

  • Data types for each column of data are identified by a sample analysis
  • Sample data points are displayed on a map
  • Review the data types automatically assigned by our platform
  • Iteratively update the definition of the data types using the data layer editor
  • Re-use our bespoke template for incremental ingests

A simple approach to ingesting your data

  • Ingest all the source data for a layer once you’re happy with the preview
  • AWS resources are automatically deployed for the ingest and destroyed when finished
  • Re-use the data template for incremental data ingestion
  • Ingested data is available from the dashboard

Find out how to uncover secrets hidden deep within your data

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