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The unique analytics database for data-first enterprises

The modern enterprise moves faster and processes more data than ever before. But is your database ready for the future? Can your database keep up?

What is GeoSpock DB?

GeoSpock DB is a high-performance analytics database optimised for IoT generated geospatial data at extreme-scale. Hyper efficient ingest and query performance combines with state of the art data fusion capabilities to enable rapid data access across your entire enterprise. GeoSpock DB helps turn data into decisions, whatever the scale of the challenge.

Key GeoSpock DB features:

  • A smart indexing approach delivering hyper-efficient ingest and querying performance. Accelerate analytics without sending costs skyrocketing.
  • An AWS cloud native solution for private enterprise hosting. Access and manage data at any scale, whilst retaining full security and control.
  • Run ANSI SQL queries using existing analytics tools or through the provided Presto command-line interface.
  • Flexible integration with JDBC connectors – plug and play support for BI tools such as Tableau™, Amazon QuickSight™ and Microsoft Power BI™, as well as data science and machine learning environments such as Python Notebooks and Apache Spark. Reinvent performance without compromising useability.
  • Specifically designed to deal with the challenge and complexity of extreme data generated by the IoT ecosystem. Optimised for geospatial, temporal, points of interest (PoI) and devices of interest (DoI) querying.

Simple, transparent pricing:

All our pricing includes unlimited querying and user access, enabling you to get the most out of your data, at the best possible price.

  • A single, fixed monthly license cost with unlimited query and user access, to empower exploration all across your enterprise
  • Deployed in your private AWS environment, for easy integration and peace of mind
  • Scalable compute node access, so the size of your solution matches the scale of your challenge
  • Developer packages also available. Explore, test, and discover what GeoSpock DB can do for you.