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Game-changing cost economics

GeoSpock DB breaks the negative cost and time spiral for ingest and query.

Cost-effective performance at scale

Time is often a critical measure of cost. You want your data made available as fast as possible, in a format that allows you to extract value from it. With GeoSpock DB you can ingest your data incredibly fast, without increasing your costs. Pricing is predictable and includes unlimited querying and user access, enabling you to get the most out of your data. Wave goodbye to unpredictable querying costs or compute bill shock!

Time is money
Ingest your data faster without increasing your costs
Accurately predict costs
No unpredictable querying or compute costs
Reach rapid results
Without increasing costs.

Affordable insights at scale

GeoSpock DB delivers cost-effective insights even in extreme data environments. Commodity storage (AWS S3) combined with an efficient distributed processing engine break the negative unit economics of competing big data systems.

Unlimited querying and user access remove unpredictable cost concerns in your quest to accurately seek answers and guidance from your data.

GeoSpock DB represents a revolutionary new approach to extreme-scale data management, designed specifically for high performance and future scalability. It is utilizing the power of massively parallel processing to deliver premium performance without specialist hardware.

Find out how to uncover secrets hidden deep within your data