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The analytics database for the physical world

  • Extreme-scale data support
  • Incredible speed of analytics
  • Reduce total cost of querying

Internet of Things (IoT) live endpoints by 2024
exabytes of global mobile data traffic by 2022
of connected devices will be cellular by 2022
connected devices market value by 2022

Transform data events generated in the physical world for smarter real-world decision making

Driven by rapid IoT device deployments, extreme-scale data environments are now a reality. But the challenge of fusing different data events is reducing analytic fidelity. Standard, generic databases already struggle to fuse, organise and query large-scale data in a location and contextual centric world, and it will only get worse. High barriers to insight and innovation reduce your overall ability to solve existing problems and create new value.

GeoSpock DB, the unique space-time index and query engine designed for the physical world, is the solution to this problem. GeoSpock DB provides unmatched performance, at game-changing cost and time economics. GeoSpock DB enables our customers to create value from extreme data volumes, whatever their area of expertise.

Support for industry standards
ANSI SQL with JDBC/ODBC connectors supporting Tableau, Apache Spark and Python Notebooks
Fuse datasets together
Combine multiple datasets in one place for simple and fast querying.
Future-proof scale for all your data
Ingest, index and query trillions of rows and maintain high performance
Accelerate your business
Hyper-efficient data segmentation and interaction.
Advanced querying made easy
Execute complex geospatial queries using SQL.
Save time and money
Vastly reduce total cost of querying


Explosion in data generation introduces new technical challenges standard databases cannot solve.

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GeoSpock DB is simply faster at querying than competing products.

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GeoSpock DB breaks the negative cost and time spiral for ingest and query.

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Find out how to explore your data and discover new business opportunities